The school

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Compound: area surrounded by a fence or a wall.

Forbidden: unfriendly.

Sighed\said: long deep breath show disappointment Unhappiness.

Principal: headmaster.

Morose: unhappy and bad-tempered faces.

Ranksacked: untidy.

Blundered: had move clumsily.

Ripped: torn papers.

Pitted: with holes.

Spattered: covered with.

Haven industry :peaceful place where someone can work.

Drifted in: walked slowly into school.

Battered briefcases: carried worn out\used bags.

Coarse: rude laughter ,vulgar.

Filed: walked in a line.

Took register: called children by their names.

Huge gaps: lacked of knowledge.

Loaf about: waste time\spend time doing nothing.

Petered out: became smaller, quieter and then ended.

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