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My daily routine begins with the alarm going off every day at 8 o 'clock in the morning. After complaining about having to get up early, breakfast, I brush my teeth and pulled my dog

About 11 I go to the gym, I usually train two hours or hour and a half depending on the day. Then when I get home lunch, sometimes fruit, yogurt aa others.

After lunch I take a shower and I prepare my food and my brothers because they go to school and college in the morning.

Then, about 3 I will stop to catch the bus to go to Madrid to the police academy or to go to the Institute to prepare the subjects.

When I go to Madrid, I came home very late because the academy is an hour and a half by public transport, and came home dead. When I have school after class, I come home, study and take care of my brother.

I usually eat dinner around 9, and after a while I see on TV or I'm with the phone to fall K.O

This is a day in my life

I have many friends  but I have a few very good friends. For my best friend is Paula. Paula is eighteen years old.She is tall and slim. Her hair is like mine. It is long, brown and very curly. She has blue, big eyes. Also, she is fair-skinned and freckly. She is really pretty.

Her personality is very moody. One day she is very happy and the next day sad. However, she is very friendly. She has a lot of friends in her school. She loves to cook and to listen to music. She always listens to classical music. She would like to become a dancer one day.

Paula wants to be a teacher, so this student teachers at the University of Alcorcon. Also really she likes basketball, until two years ago she played a very important team of the Community of Madrid.

A peculiarity of Paula and everyone leaves you amazed, he is speaking 5 languages: Spanish, French, English, German and a little Chinese. It is incredible, with only 18 years !!

She’s an incredible friend

I love her.

Oraciones contraste:

Although + S + V+ C, S+ V+C

In spite of + the fact that Oración subordinada


Oraciones purpose:

To + infinitivo

In order to/ so as to + infinitivo

so that/ in order that (suelen ir seguidas de un modal ‘’will, would, should.. + infinitivo)

Oraciones consecutivas:

such a/an + adjetivo + sust. Contable en singular + (that)+ oracion principal

(S + V + SUCH A/AN…)

such + adejtivo + sust. Incontable o contable plural + (that) + oracion principal

so + adjetivo/adverbio + (that) + oracion principal.

Oraciones causa efecto

(Because, as, since)

Because y as se utilizan por igual aunque ‘’as’’ es mas comun cuando la oración subordinada aparece primero

Cuando la causa esta clara ( as, since)

Causa y consecuencia (because, so)

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