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Ilisenings : IS HOLLYWOOD IN CRISIS?: 1. Up to $40 or $50 million. 2. The people who pay for the Marketing. 3. It represented a change from content to image. 4. It would Probably cost too much money. 5. four groups, based  on age and gender. 6. Women who are over 25 Years old. 7. There's a movie with Sandra Bullock in it. 8. Yes, and thatís bad News for those who love other kind of movies// LIVING IN GREENLAND: 1. The way he has to dress for hot weather. 2. Everything stops in Spain if thereís 5 cm of snow. 3. Films and clothes were Not so updated in Greenland. 4. Because dogs are dangerous; they are not pets. 5. People fly by helicopter. 6. They are very well paid even if life in Greenland is expensive. 7. Are said to stink and you throw coins in the air Which the children collect. 8. The lights are spirits who take you if you Whistle while they play. // Interview With Steven Spencer (Detective David Jones): 1.Has never been interviewed On the radio before. 2. It is more sophisticated and scary. 3.He had to climb Up a statue. 4. Because he found out how much like David Jones he himself was. 5. Steve went to His first concert last year. 6. He heard one of their songs in a film soundtrack. 7.Is crazy about The Drixies. 8. Go to music concerts. // Lost...Or Maybe not: 1. So many people are still interested in the show. 2. Some People liked it a lot, some didn’t like it at all. 3. Hidden cues about the Possibility for a sequel. 4. So many people discussed the show. 5. He's Convinced that there will not be one. 6. Lost  was a unique thing that can't be repeated. 7. appropriate Because it concludes a very complicated story line. 8. No, because it showed a Tropical island inhabited by polar bears and smoke monsters.// John Craven: the best-loved presenter on British television: 1. His Daughter was born. 2.  reporter on a Local newspaper 3. Changing the way stories are presented on television. 4. Did Not have any regrets. 5. He felt like changing directions and doing something New. 6. For teenagers and children in general. 7. Are interested in many Different things. 8. Is very proud of his job in Newsround and Countryfile.// THE END OF THE WORLD TRAIN: 1. On an island by a channel. 2. A maximum Security prison. 3. At the beginning of the 20 century. 4. The name Ushuaia Comes from the indigenous people. 5. It was built by all the prisoners. 6. The Convict Train. 7. It started in the prison and ended in the forest. 8. It was destroyed by an earthquake.// "Butter, bread And green cheese...: 1. Just over 400.000. 2. Frisian was given official status in Holland. 3. It is taught in schools. 4. People hardly every use Frisian. 5. There is no Frisian TV, but there is Frisian radio. 6. The fact that most Frisian speakers are bilingual. 7. The language must be taught to the new Generations. 8. Only part of a saying about the resemblance between Frisian and English.// Vasa – the most expensive and Highly decorated warship: 1. To impress both the people of Sweden and their Enemies. 2. Two golden guns 3. The Vasa started her Fist voyage 4. Two weeks later in Poland. 5. The Captain of the ship. 6. The ship was badly proportioned. 7. The Baltic Sea does not have a mollusc That destroys the wood of ships. 8. More than one million people every year. // A JOURNALIST INTHE SLAUGHTERHOUSE: 1. D) the high school paper. 2. B) Because he thought it would be cool. 3.a) it’s the biggest in the World 4. B)  excited to write about Something important. 5. C)  the workers Were so numb and that there were so many Mexicans. 6. C)  both positive and negative. 7. B) is not Important to Charlie, but it is to other people. 8. A) affects his work as a Journalist because it is part of who he is. 

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