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1. 3,4,-,1,2   2. 60,bank,health problems,worse,connecting with other people, swiming    3. C,D,F,E,B  4. bruised, avalanches, snow shoes, parka, allergic.   5. opened, slow, chill, face, cut.   6. should, if, suggest, would, thought,   7. if, don't hurry, if, come, if, woldn't have asked, will go, unlees,if, had stuidied    8.   1 If i lie in the sun for too long, I will get sunbrused. 2 When you heat water to 100 degrees it boils. 3 If karen had spoken Spanish, she would have got the job. 4 If only I had paid more attention when I was at school. 5              9.  would, have bought, had won, feel, wouldn't have met, hadn't moved       10. has, been, cheer, up, have, aching, was, skiing   11. F, A, C, D        12. used to have, had, liked, made, laugh, stronger, esential, thinking positively.

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