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Complete the passage...  1->misleading, get training, make a living, supplied, devoted, role models, overcrowded, for years to come.2-> t, f, t, f, f, f, f. 3->using the words given 1:while she was travelling in the United States. 2: after she had lost her old one. 3: and she has already taken many photos. 4: but she hasn'tused it yet. 5: which she uses all the time. 6: and i'm borrowing it at the moment. 7: , but she won't receive it until next week. 8. , but she wishes she hadn't spent so much. 4->starting with the words given 1: i whose book i'm reading will visit our school. 2: he could give her a lift the next day. 3: after John had finished washing the car. 4: had/ got our family photo taken. 5: you speak slowly, nobody will understand you. 6: whom is everyone talking. 7: we had stayed longer. 8: i were you, i wouldn't say anything to him. 9: these shoes weren't so expensive, i would buy them. 10: saying anything.

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