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TEAM WORK: Can you imagine a school that works with a team work system? Well, I can. Today, in The school there is a new way of teaching where school goals are decided among All teachers. In this way Students get better results.

First of All, I think is great idea replacing the Old ways of teaching for cooperative work system. Cooperative learning is presented as one of the tools that starts and Develops the transmission of these essential values for life in society.

Cooperative Learning promotes coexistence from accepting differences, while remaining a Powerful integration tool, understanding and inclusion, along with a Methodology which seeks to ensure quality learning. In this method working with Projects that have the disadvantage that they do not learn the same way as Formerly.

To sum up, I agree whit this change because in cooperative learn the children are the center of their learning. They lean more motivated and happy.

Vocabulary: Beca: Scholarship. Bill-check. Chips-fries. Flat- apartment. Football-soccer. Motorway-freeway. Petrol-gas. Post-mail. Return ticket-round trip. Shopping center- mall. Toilet-restroom. Underground-Subway. Lake-fountain. Square-roundabout. Athletics: atletismo. Against the law: contra la ley. Board: tablero. Boots: botas. Brush: cepillo. Barren deserts: desierto esteril. Cards: tarjetas. Costume: disfraz. Congestion: congestión. Crash course: curso intensivo. Clear: claro. Coastline: Línea costera. Cure: cura. Controling budgets: controlar los presupuestos. Depressing: deprimente. Disturbing: perturbador. Drilling: perforación. Debit: Débito. Disease: enfermedad. Encouraging: alentador. Employed: empleado. Frightening: aterrador. Face a fine: frente a una multa. Fair trade: comercio Justo. Freelance: independiente. Fit: ajuste. Goggles: gafas de protección. Go Abroad: ir al extranjero. Go sight seeing: hacer turismo. Get a pay rise: Aumento de sueldo. Helmet: casco. Horns honking: bocinazos. Homesick: Nostálgico. Jogging: trotar. Knowledgeable: experto. Memento: recuerdo. Mortality rate: tasa de mortalidad. Motorway: autopista. Net: red. Noise: Ruido. Odd: impar. Plot: trama. Perks: beneficios. Rope: cuerda. Roads being Blocked: carreteras cortadas. Sailing: navegación. Skiing: esquiar. Sadle: Sillin. Sad: triste. Sightseeing tour: visita turística. Sandy: arenoso. Scenery: Paisaje. Snow-capped: cubierto de nieve. Sequel: continuación. Stamina: Aguante. Self-employed: autónomo. Split up: separar. Striking: sorprendente. Unforgetable journey: viaje inolvidable. Unspoilt: virgen. Vivid: vivido. Wealth: riqueza

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