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When she left,I went home and I asked my parents if we could travel to Australia in summer to visit Laura. The had told me if I passed my exams and if I betiaued well, we would go travelling.

The summer arrived, and I didn`t pass all the subjects. My parents told we wouldn`t go to Australia. I went to my bedrrom and Suddeuly my mobile phone rang. It was Laura: I asked her how She was, she answered she was grat she had made new friend in her new school.I felt very proud of her, but I was sad too because she had left. I asked her if she would back, the didn`t answer for about 10 seconds and she hang the phone. Two hours later, she phoned me again to apologise. She added she didn`t know when she would aeturn. We kept in touch three years. A we stop talking. One day, eight years later, Laura phone me. I was surprise. She wanted to tell me she came back Spain. And she was were excited. When Laura arrived my home I was very nervious. I opened the door, Laura was  there she was a pretty teenager. I hused her and she kissed me. She told me she missed me. Since then we hav stayed together

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