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One’s oldman - one’s father: His old man's letting him have the car for the prom.

          Horse around - fool around; play around: Children shouldn’t horse around on the     street.

Give one the creeps - make one feel uneasy or scared: I don’t like cementeries at night. They give me the creeps.

Put one’s foot down - say ‘no’ to something.

Mind one’s P’s and Q’s - be on your best behavior.

Have a word with someone - talk to someone: My boss wants to have a word with me.

Not trust someone any further then one can throw them - not trust someone at all

Slip one’s mind - to forget: Sorry I forgot your bday. It slipped my mind.

Bum something off of someone - ask someone for something: That guy wanted to bum a cigarette off of me, but I told him I don’t smoke.

Make something count - make something have a useful/positive effect.

A lift to somewhere - a ride to somewhere: Do you need a lift to school today?

Be pulling for someone - cheering for someone: I’ll be pulling for them in the playoffs.

Take the heat for something - take the blame (culpa) for something.

In a nutshell - to say something simply/directly:In a nutshell thys said it was too expensive.

Get nailed doing something - get caught doing something: The thief got nailed.

Take a (nasty) spill - fall down: My friend took a nasty spill down the stairs.

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