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The family of Charles IV Charles IV family is the title that the author is Francisco Goya Lucientes.La chronology 1800 1801.La-school Spanish and his style is neoclassical.
The subject of this portrait is made four commissioned by Charles IV and his family are portrayed in the treaty without any flattery. Goya appears behind, immersed in the shadows, and as an independent observer in CLAT allusió Las Meninas by Velázquez.
The descipció Cuad this, note that the support elements are the fabric and the element is technique that uses oil.

Formal and compositional elements must say you have a Form: Closed and shallow shaped frieze.
Composition: has neoclassical roots, which are arranged in a frieze of Goya and say we played with a certain ambiguity for both the centrality of the box. The physical center of the table is the queen, Maria Luisa. The king should be the protagonist but is leaning toward the right. But the king is another step forward by the queen, and somehow that is decentralized
off center. The details of Ferdinand with a woman that he sees no face, no voice because he had no partner Ferdinand, for him or not veu.Simetria: vertical, which creates a static composition. Compositional geometry:

Perspective: The composition is shallow (focuses on foreground) and closed (all items s'a ¬ shortcuts in the center of the table). The shallow depth to the scene and given the many characters that appear in the po ¬ tence feeling of lack of space


light comes from lesquerra focuses directly on the central group and enhances the brilliance of the gems and medals bearing, especialmentCromatisme: emphasize the ocher and gray color for notes of red and blue tie, which is repeat. As for stroke, it prevails over the line. Ie there is a contrast colors.Eressio: figurative. Ritmo: real Canon:

Relations with similar works of the author or school this author acknowledged that he had three teachers was Velazquez, rambrant natura.I and see how the box made this the author sassembla Las Meninas, not only for the self, that looks at the viewer and the painter with whom he seems to pay tribute to the painter Seville. Of Rembrandt, though his influence was mainly recorded in the present, contains a perfect game chiaroscuro, which is observed mainly in the left half of the canvas and respect for nature can intuit their own realistic that any lallunya artificiositat. Goya's influence to the Romantics, such as Delacroix, some impressionistic, with loose brushwork, the eressionistes, leressió to the outside world, recorded with the surrealists and fired Los Picasso.Significat and function: Goya in this work, he was a Frenchified and try to ridicule the royal ..
This painting was conceived as a portrait of the family probably had something to decorate the rooms of the royal palace. It
Historical context and historical artistic.Context
This painting is painted in the years just before the Bourbon monarchy is at the door with the conflict with France, illustrate era of despotism, which began with Charles II and Charles III, was a Spanish context that marks today. The central policy of the country had Godoy, who understood the queen. Ideas in French eansió illustrated throughout Europe.
French Republic is fearful to all European monarchies. Illustrated spread ideas throughout Europe.

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