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Through these recommendations we hope to achieve goals that follow the SMART guidelines of specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and time bound achievements. Some of these include:
  • Decrease the amount of La Jolla High students that decide to enroll in charter or private schools by 5% each year.
  • Increase the number of students who attend La Jolla High, after attending a private school by 5% each year.
  • Decrease the percentages of the identified "weakest" subjects by 3% each year.
  • Increase the percentages of surveyors that agree to the fact that the administration listen to student concerns by 10% in two years.
These goals are achievable and can easily be identified due to their specific nature. These goals are created around identified opportunities and threats.

Through our recommendations, we hope to achieve these goals in the future that are more broad than the SMART goals we listed earlier.
  • Making the students feel more comfortable at La Jolla High by taking strides to improve campus safety, and addressing issues of bullying. Due to the findings in our research that 20% of surveyors said that their greatest concern was campus safety.
  • Fulfil the needs and concerns of students by listening to their critiques and concerns, and taking the most frequented concerns and steps to work to improve these issues.
  • Introducing more ways for our students to get a head start in their college level writing. Due to the findings in our research that 29%of surveyors said that their greatest concern was college preparation.
  • Introduce a wider variety of courses across multiple disciplines and subjects areas that students express interest in, to create a diversified learning environment that will pique student's interests. Due to the findings in our research that 37.3% of surveyors said that course variety could be improved.
  • Increase the strength, rigor, and level of success of the identified weaker academic departments, by introducing and implementing methods of teaching that haven proven other departments to be more successful. More specifically, 36% of surveyors identified that History and Social Studies was the strongest department, and 37.3% identified Math was the weakest.

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