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Plato: The Forms. Knowledge is not for everyone. Philosopher Kings. No democracy

Decartes Meditations: 1) Senses Decieve 2) Dreams 3) Evil Genius
Aquinas: 1) Motion 2) Causality 3) Something Necessary 4) Gradation 5) Purpose. Global Skeptism
Ayer: Logic. Definitions. No Nazis. If you cant prove it then its not real. 
Strong Verifiability: Conclusively Verify Weak: Probably Verrify
Hume: 1) Nothing Self Evident to ourselves. Senses cannot be fact, just assumptions. No metaphysics. Relations of Ideas, matter of fact. Primary Qualities; Wualities in the Object Itself (extension, number, shape) Secondary Qualities: Qualities in the perciever (color, beauty)
Gettier: Is Justified True Belief Knowledge. True, Justified, Belief not always the right definition of knowledge
Occam's Razor: The simplist answer is the best answer
AJ Ayer and Plato Plato believes in Metaphysics. AJ Ayer does not believe in Metaphysics. 
David Hume No he does not believe that we can doubt our sensory experiences because our sensory experiences are not only necessary but also necessary to go through life.  Skepticism is only useful in school. All of our knowledge is through cause and affect. Our knowledge is inductive.
Descartes attempted to defeat skeptisicm by verifying all of his previously held beliefs. Foundationalism. Cartesian Doubt/Universal Doubt. Solipsism
Gettier:The traditional definition of knowledge (Justified, True, Belief) does not always suffice. Usually in situations that are ultimately governed by human fate and will.
Does God Exist Objections?1) we dont need god to explain our experiences 2) there would be no evil

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