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(+) USED TO + Infinitive

(-) Dindn`t USE TO + Infinitive

(?) Did … USE TO + Infinitive

Echo Questions

A: Paul Wesley is my boyfriend

B: Is he?

A: Linda bought a new car

B:Did She?

A: I have already finished school

B: Have you?

Present Perect Continuous

(+) Have/Has + Been + V-ing

(-) Haven`t/Hasn`t + Been + V-ing

(?) Have/Has … Been + V-ing


A subjet // some excercise // you Best // your homework // some work // he housework // some // the shopping // Nothing // something


A decisión // a drink // a cake // A sándwich // a meal // a mess // a noise // friend (with) // a mistake // a Diference // an appointment (with) // (some) money

Look at (mirar) – I`m look at these old pictures.

Look up (buscar en libro, dicc., etc.) – I look it up in the dictionary.

Look forward to (ansiar) – I`m looking forward to the summer vacations.

Look after (Cuidar) – Mothers look after their babies all day.

Look for (Buscar algo físico) - I`m lookin for my mobile. I can`t find it.

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