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Part 5

The school holidays started, and Muff Potter’s trial was getting closer. The whole village was talking about it. Tom was very nervous and he went to find Huck.

Tom: We should do something, Huck. Indian Joe is very dangerous! Potter was very happy to see them. You’re very kind. We know that. A lot of witnesses spoke against Muff Potter. Then Muff’s lawyer called his last witness. Everyone was surprised when they heard who it was…

Lawyer: Mr Thomas Sawyer! Indian Joe was looking at him.

Lawyer: Thomas Sawyer, where were you on the night of the murder?

Lawyer: What were you doing there?

Lawyer: Did anyone see you Tom?

Lawyer: What did you see? Then, Muff fell down and Indian Joe took Muff Potter’s knife and killed the doctor with it! Indian Joe jumped out of the window and disappear

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