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27.I would`t have had the operation if people hadn`t made fun of me.
28. She wants a refund or a replacement(kiere k l devuelvan el dinero o k le den otro en buen estdo)
29.You are late!by the time we get there the film will have finished(yegas tarde, peli abra terminao)
30. It will allow them to make their own descisions(les permitira tomar sus propias decisions)
31. There are also a lot of people who can`t afford to go out very much,and tv gives them a cheap form of entertainment.
32. It is clear that teenagers havean an easier life today than they had in the past(esta claro k oy ls adolescentes tienen oy una vida mas facil k en..)
33. It is the best reality show I have ever seen
34. It is not easy to turn off TV for a whole week(no es facil apargr la tv drante toa la noxe)
35. Mary`s family relied on her to win.
36. the experience could have been worse(la experiencia podria aver sio peor)
37. she stayed up all night studying
38. They mustn`t smoke in the is forbidden
39. It takes me half an hour to get to school

40.It took me a while to get used to this accent
41. I really hope that you will visit us soon(realmente espero)
42. The end justifies the means
43. I am having my hair cut on saturday
44. the police hope that the painting will soon be found
45. A reward has already been offered(ya se a ofrecido una rekompensa)

46. Summer is nearly over,and soon it will be winter
47. Winter is the best season for falling in love
48.People in the uk get excited about winter
49. When it gets really cold, Icelanders stay indoors
50. have you seen tom yet?I haven`t seen him since he got back from Venice
51. I don`t mind studying maths
52. In the background you can see a man looking for something
53. I felt homesick for long
54. Fortunately, I soon caught up with the rule
55. the rain had left before he reached the station
56. I am getting used to it
57. You must remind me to show you my holiday photos
58. I remember coming on holiday here whe i was..

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