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72. In a Louisiana runoff primary, candidates from all parties vie for a Majority of votes in order

73. Generally in California and Washington primaries- all parties run, and the top2 Vote-getters

74. Both major party candidates in 2012 declined federal Public funding to avoid: a) spending limits during primaries and caucuses aa well as b) a ban on Private fundraising in the general election.

75. To win the presidency, a candidate must receive a majority of, or at least 270 of 538,

76. Most states allocateall of their Electoral College votes to the plurality winner in a statewide

77. To win Electoral College votes-  a regional concentration of votes in 1 or More states.

78. According to the district plan - 2 Electoral College votes, b) within a smaller district/wins 1 Electoral College vote.

79. If the proportional plan was used in 1992 and 2000, no major party candidate would have /exchange For policy concessions from that party or forced The House of Representatives to decide.

80. When no candidate receives a - casts only 1 vote for one of the3 top Electoral College/vote majority in the House.

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