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6:  Do You like living in Paris?

I Hate washing the car.

I Don’t like driving in big cities.

I Love cooking for friends.

I Like working for a small company.

Do You like taking the dog for a walk?

What Do you like doing at weekends?

What Does she like doing on holiday?

What Does it need to be height?

What Is this machine for?

7: a) Is leaking 2

b) Is broken 4

c) Is worn 6

d) Is busy 10

e) Is blocked 7

f) Is leaking 9

g) Is flashing 5

h) Is flat 6

i) Is full 3

j) Is empty 1

8.The Tank’s almost empty – you need to … fill . It Up.

I Think the pipe is blocked – but I … cleared.. A Blockage yesterday.

It’s Too hot. The temperature needs to lower..

I’ve Got a problem with my printer. Did you … update ….. The driver?

Did You hear that noise. We need to … put oil … on .. The wheels.

The Brakes don’t work. The cable is broken and needs to tighten

The Wheels are bent, so they need … to pump up …..

I Think some nuts and bolts are loose. They need to be straighten

I … replaced .. The tyres because they were flat.

The Seat is too high. It needs … to adjust

9.Never operate The machine when under influence of alcohol.

You never touch These wires It’s very dangerous.

Don’t allow children To use this equipment.

This Medication never be given to children. It’s too Strong for them.

Make sure You wear goggles when using the saw.

You never smoke In here. There are flammable gases in those bottles.

What’s That smell. Quick! We have to get out of here.

Never put Your hand on that machine. It’s a twentytonne press!

Make sure you Keep this area clean. Otherwise it could happen an accident

This Chemical is very poisonous. Don’t allow anybody to Touch it.

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