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the supercilious(arrogant) and capricious(erratic) boss disparages(belittles) and derides(mocks) his ingenous(innocent) and reticent(reserved) employees; therefore the employees timorously(fearfully) yet perspicaciously(wisely) recind(revoke) their obsequious(obedient) work habits. 

The teacher felt and incubus(evil spirit) of consternation(anxiety) when she irresolutely(uncertain) reproached(reprimand) the depraved(morally corrupt) inexorable(unstoppable) student who impetuously(impulsively) prevaricated(fool) scurrilous(abusive) rumours about her 

the monotonous(repetitive) laxity(laziness) of the coy(shy) pacifist's(opp. To war) mundane(ordinary) acquiescence(agremt. Without protest) demonstrated that his affluent(upper class) rectitude(righteousness) for truisms(obvious truth) of war was simply catharsis(relief of emotional tens.) for him. 

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