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PRICE:amount of money that the buyer gives to the seller in exchange of a Purchase.The fixation of the price depends on market demand,product Cost,etc.Pricing strategies:in the economic theory the firms fix the price to Increase the income taking into account the elasticity of demand, which means How much increase sales with a decrease on price.The price is fixed after Adding a profit margin over the product at the time to acquiring or producing It.If pricing is based on a competitors study we can:fix a price similar to Competitors,fix a price under competitors or fix a price over competitors.The Psychological pricing is another strategies using numbers as 4,99 euros always Avowing confusing situations for the consumers.The maxium pricing strategies Consists of increasing prices for a prestigious public.The penetration pricing Strategies consists of decreasing prices for a wide public.But in a leading Company the competitors use their own pricing strategies.

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