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British/ us

Shares/ stock

public limited company or PLC/ corporation

Flotation/           initial Public offering

ordinary shares/              common Stock

Own/    Treasury stock

 Share : which are sha Certificates representing part ownership of a Company

Flotation: Offering shares to outside investors

** smaller over-the-counter **such as NASDA0 in New York and The Alternative Investment Market [AIM) in London

**the dow jones industrial average (djia)in new york and the FTSE 100 index (the footsie) in london

annual dividends [a share of the company's profits

rights issue: existing shareholders are offered the first Right to buy them

secandary market which the company is listed or quoted, on What is called the

market makers: traders in shares who quote bid [buying) and Affer (selling) prices

** bid [buying)

affer (selling) prices

The spreador difference between these prices is their profit Ar mark-up

Speculators:  who buy And sell shares rapidly, hoping to make a profit

These include doy Traders- people who buy shares and sell them again before the settlement Day:

including scrip issue, copitalization issue and bonus issue. Companies with surplus cash can also choose to buy back some of their shares on The secondary market.

Blue chips are sharesand in large companies with a Reputation for quality reliability and profitability

More two-thirds of blue-chip shares in industrialized Countries are owned by institutional investors such as insurance companies and Pension funds

Defensive shares provide a regular dividend and stable Earnings

  Value shares are Those that investors believe are currently trading for less than they should be Worth

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