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behave like courtiers and are characterized by the prominence of castidad.sobre out some characters femeninos.discurso the pastoral novel coincides with the adventure story in the beginning in medias res and interpolation stories of pastors intercaladas.el dialogue can break in two ways: - Letters: In every story there is an exchange of letters but not the basic building block .- poems: sometimes it works like knots of the story: have events to better understand the history and sometimes they are just resting in the celestinesca.se novel narrativos.la narración.otros develop models using the servants of love and a novel alcahueta.la chivalry. This subgenus was an extraordinary development works the same model of narrative later chivalric medieval.mas slow its progression, although popularity continued into the early decades of the seventeenth century. Some sequels are written novels and Palmerins Amadis. When love and heroic knight of medieval storiesWill be included in the Christian knight fighting the infidels in Constantinople and then the gentleman adventurer. These novels seek to dazzle the novel lectores.la morisca.titulos: history and beautiful Jarifa Abencerraje. The Abencerraje has the idea of a possible coexistence between Muslims and tormes.es cristianos.lazarillo of a major work in Spanish literature, opens a sub-genre, the picaresque novel. These narratives are structured as follows: seudoautobiográfico story of a miserable character origins and serving several amos.el actor has a roguish character, it is smart, wary and prudent, and a strong desire to medro.estas novels purport to explain a state deshonor.nivel end of the story, Lazarus is forced to abandon his family since childhood, and into the hands of several masters and develops various trades. Lazarus' life is divided into three groups: childhood, adolescence and youth.
First block: children (blind cleric squire): Here, the cecum lazaro taught to help in the Mass, which will later facilitate entry into the service of the cleric, his next master, which then increases your hunger I also suffer with the squire.Second block:

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