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R: Are love locks on bridges1.Carolyn Barnabo and C..cause it ws romantic thg To do.

2. Which sentence..follows an Italian Tradition.

3. The phrase “padlocks..padlocks have appeared In great quantities and vry quickly.

4. The municipal aut…when part of a històric Bridge fell cause of weight of the locks.

5. The city of Paris is putting panels of ... prevent The damage that the locks cause.

6.  According to the text, padlock sellers..are making

profits from this epidemic.

7. Lovelocks..can now be found in a variety Of places.

8. Lisa Anselmo thinks that assign a Place for people to attach their locks.

R: Esperant and unive comm. 1.Who was Doktoro Es?The invntr of n artificial ne lan.

2.According To the text, Zamenhof was... An idealist In favour of international under.

3.As A child, Zamenhof quickly realized that ...Createsbarriers To common humanity.

4.At Th time of the fst Espe Interonal coness the French...not enthusiastic about a new.

5.The Text implies that the Nazi regime Had been created by a Jewish person.

6.According To Ramon Perera,...It is not the Language of any particular community.

7.The French economist François Grin Save a great amount of money.

8.The Text suggests that the European...Shown Little interest in the use of Esperanto.

L: An intrviw wth champ. 1. Accding t th intrvw, Chris..Feels he’s much better this year.

2. Which Of these things is the hardest for Jules when he leave ho?Leaving his children.

3. When Did Jules start loving tennis practice?When He became a professional tennpla.

4. Today, Jules’s favorite time playing ..he is Alone and no one is observing what he..

5. Which Of these stat is TRUE?Jules’s wife did Not travel with him the last Barcelona.

6. According To Jules, tennis has in the last ten years...Thanks To racket technology.

7. What Does Jules say about Facebookand Twitter?He Likes to use the social to ideas.

8. What Does Jules likein his leisure time?To Meet up wth friends an going to th beach.

L:Telephaty.1.Professor Thompson thinks that telepathy...Has not Been demonstrated.

2.Dr. Susan Barry believes that Professor Thompson...Is a traditional scientist.

3.According To Professor Thompson, physics can Explain the world.

4.Dr. Susan Barry thinks that science...Does Not explain telepathy.

5.The Book Thoughts through Space...Isa Well-known book about telepathy.

6.According To Dr Susan Barry, the bending of metal Spoons can be explained by the pow.

7.According To Professor Thomson,the bending of Spoons is just a trick.

8.Dr Susan Barry and Professor T agree that...A Telepathy experimnt isn’t easy to carry out.

R:The Last of the nobls gen. 1.Which about Harry Patch is FALSE? He was the First World War.

2. When The First World War began, Harry Patch...Was Too young to be called into the army.

3.Harry Explains that during the battle of Ypres, the ..Constantly worried about their survival.

4.When Harry and his comrades found an injured ..They Couldn’t do anything to save his life.

5.After Being seriously wounded, Harry..He was Operated on, after being in pain for one day.

6.The War finished for Harry Patch...  Immediately after being wounded.

7.Shortly Before Harry died, Richard Emden interviewed him..Richard did most of the talking.

8. After All his experiences in the First WW..Harry Thought that no war could ever be justified.

L:Hearning Dogs.

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