Seducer of Seville

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"Felipe III, IV and Charles II Pelipe. Valid from Philip III Duke of Osuna, favorite of Philip IV: Conde Duque de Olivares
"Politico-Military: War in Flanders, Portugal Independence, Conflict in Catalonia, disputes with the French.
- Socio-economic: consequences: losses, loss of life, declining population, military expenditure, crop failures, epidemics, state bankruptcy, tax increases, increased poverty.
For Lope, the rules of previous comedies, are opposed to nature, the public taste.

Division in 3 acts or days: It fits the basic parts of the action: a beginning, middle and end.
Rejection of the three units: Action: Comedy presents several parallel actions, Time: the work may encompass years, unlimited in time (before 24h) Location: may develop in various places (not in one as before).
A mixture of the tragic and the comic: Just as in life itself.
The variety of poetic style and decorum, behavior and language are appropriate to the nature of each character: he can not talk like the king that the footman, a nobleman than a peasant, a woman than a man.
Lyrical interlayer inserted songs and dances.
The characters: high level: Galán (young gentleman, handsome, brave, idealistic ...) Lady (lovely and bold) lower level: the funny thing: is usually the servant of the knight, helps his master and this contrasts with their carefree , plain language and common sense. Maid: confidant of the queen.
Topics: love and the Trickster of Seville in particular, the defense of honor and honor spotless as estimating that a person deserves to others.
Flocks that were performed in courtyards were a set of houses that served the interior balconies of boxes in the courtyard and sat people in order, first the women, then men and lso the bottom up, the poorest . Even you could get to the king. Only keep out the sun awning.
It lasted nearly three hours in length. The show began with a Loa was a small piece in verse, by way of representation, which means trying to win the public praise on the company, to work and the public itself., Behind which represented the first day act or comedy. Immediately after, he was a starter who was a short play (10 min) of a single instrument, whether humorous, set in daily life and starring commoners, old silly, young wives, thugs, fools and naive ... after beginning the second act of the play, behind which was a Jácara singing and dancing before the third act and after the latter was a purpose finalizava or masquerade party.
The values and ideals that playwrights were encouraged from the stage to themselves the time and a stratified society: social immobility, the monarchy form of government as unquestionable and unconditional acceptance of Catholic dogma.

the author of the Seducer of Seville and the Stone Guest
Traditionally, and for nearly three centuries has been considered the friar Gabriel Tellez Mercy, known in literature as Tirso de Molina, author of the work. In recent decades, however, historical and philological investigations have questioned this attribution.
some biographical data on Tirso de Molina
born in 1579 in Madrid. He began his religious career in the order of Mercedarios, which he joined in 1600. Widened between 1608 and 1610 theological studies at Alcala de Henares. Back in Madrid, iniciió his work as playwright (1611). Between 1618 and 1626 reached the peak of his literary production. He suffered some evidence and adversaries and enemies of the Reformation Board of custom-founded by the Count-Duke of Olivares-prohibióa Tirso writing comedies and banished him from Madrid. (Tirso kept disagreeing with the favorite of Philip IV). Affected by this episode, and the pressures received, Tirso was leaving the manufacturing productivity of comedies and secular texts. In early 1648, fell ill in the convent soriano Almazan, where he died the same year. Are attributed to a total of 400 plays, although there remain only 80 -.
work by Tirso de Molina
Auto sacramental
Religious comedies: A person convicted of suspicious
Historico-legendary Comedy: The Trickster of Seville and the Stone Guest.
Comedies of manners: Psycho: The shame in the palace, Thriller and entanglement: Don Gil of the green tights.
the problem of authorship and background of the work

Its authorship is still subject of controversy. The plays were designed Baroque ara be represented. The writers and poets to deliver a manustrico authors or entrepreneurs. In many cases, if the author was not too well known is the famous one attributed to better sell. The first known edition of The buraldor of Seville and the Stone Guest, 1630 collection appeared in a volume entitled Twelve plays by Lope de Vega. Regarding the genesis of the play, attempts to locate records in real life historical figures of Don Miguel de Manara or the Count of Villamediana and others .. In connection with another great character and motive of the play, the Stone Guest, testimonies have been documented throughout European folklore.
dramatic unities and the characters share space and time
The three units are dramatic work-oriented and driven from the strength of the central character in the play Don Juan Tenorio. The action arises from a continuous alternation between Don Juan and fleeing from the persecutions of the characters aggrieved. The causal thread of the argument progresses from the deceptions that makes the gentleman of Seville. In fact, the speed and pace of the action precipitated printed from the outset. The work empieda in medias res, ie, the action already taking place when the public has the first news.

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