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Political Instability in Spain

Imperial glories where distant memories.

Little of the rapid industrialization compared as Britain, France, Germany.

Spain was a largely agricultural country which the lands were controlled by healthy landowners

Much of spain arable land uncultivated.

Poverty: People with no rights, not guaranteed to find employment, creating an opposition group.

Spain was a divided country: It had poor communication, people cared more about their regional identity than their own country and separatist groups were formed asking for independence.

Spain was a constitutional monarchy (never efficient): created political divisions.

Monarchists: preserve the power of the king.

Liberals: create modern democracy

Socialist and Republicans: remove the king

Communist: Russian-style revolution.

Separatist: independence of their regions.

Anarchists: No goverment.

Miguel Primo de Rivera: Dictator for 7 years, had support of the king.

  • World economic crisis led to high  unemployment 

  • Rivera was forced to resign.

  • Elections: Republicans win.

Problems facing the new republic

  • Socialists dominant group.

  • Economic Crisis

  • Unemployment, low living standard (government needed to take action)

  • Manuel azaña  (Prime Minister), reforms:

  1. Reduce church power

  2. Removing senior officers form army

  3. Self government in Catalonia 

  4. Increase of wages to industrial workers

  5. Nationalism in Agricultural states.

  • All this reforms created a Right wing party. (they wanted to defend their rights).

  • Government policies also angered many left wing groups.

  • Strikes, riots and assassinations.

  • Azaña resigned.

  • Elections: Right wing group win (Jose Maria Gil-Robles), cancels all the reforms.

  • Spain economic situation continued deteriorating. (new government incapable of maintaining law and order). 

  • After politician being killed, the Spanish Civil War begins.

  • (Right wing group leader was general Francisco Franco)

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