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Main commands:


#include <Servo.H> // As usual, we then use a variable 'servoPin' to define the pin that is to control the servo.

Servo servo;  // defines a new variable 'servo' of type 'Servo'. The library has provided us with a new type,

Servo. Servo 1 attach (6)
Servo. Servo  2 attach (9)
int angle = 0;   // servo position in degrees 
void loop() 
Speed: map (angle, angle min, angle max, min speed, max speed);

Servo.1 write (speed)
Servo.2 write (speed)

Materials we use:
-arduino board
-mobile phone with bluetooh connection
-2 continuous rotation servo motors 
-2 wheels
-Bluetooth HC-06 Module

-The phone was discharged from one day to another and we had to charge it every day.
-The batteries didn´t charged
-We spend some time without a motor because it was broken.

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