The last sherlock holmes story

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Res: The sing of four: This book is written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and it is a mistery story. The story is abaut a detective, Sherlock Holmes and his assistant Dr. Watson. A girl named Miss Morstan whose father had disappeared, had recieved a note with an adress and a time. This girl asks for help from Sherlock and he and his assistant accompany him to where it was written in the note. Here, they meet a man who claims to be an old friend of the father of Miss Morstan. He tells them a story about a treasure that he and the girl's father had found. Shortly after this Major Shoto dies. Sherlock tries to solve the case. In the end, these are the morderers of Major soto and his other son and they discovered that the treasure had been lost forever. The story ends with Watson saying that marries with Morstan. Val: In my opinion, it is a book very quick to read and very entertaining. It is about a story of intrigue that keeps you attentive all the reading. For me personally, I really like this kind of story, a story which there is an unsolved mysteri. For this fact I chose this reading, and i don't regret, it is a very good book that made me have a good time.  Persona: Sherlock Holmes: He was the most famous private detective in London. He helped to solve crimes and chatch criminals. When peolpe were in trouble or needed help, they came to Holmes. Doctor Watson: He worked as a doctor in the British Army for several years. Hi is Holme's assistant and who falls in love with Miss Morstan. Morstan: a young girla with a blonde hair and blue eyes. She is the girl who enlists the help of Sherlock Holmes. Major Soto: he is the man who tells them the mistery of the treasure and has two children, Thaddeus and Bartholomeu. Wooden- leg man, pygmy: they are the murderers.

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