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I am writing to complain about various aspects of my Recent travel in a cruise./Firstly, before boarding the boat we had to pay 6,000 euros to be able to Enjoy what would be a wonderful trip. When we entered the ship we headed to the Reception where they were handing out the keys to the rooms, to our surprise Our names appeared like we had not paid. In the end, after two hours this Matter could be clarified.

Secondly, when we were leaving the ship we were told
 that we owed 400 euros
 more for meals, dinners and refreshments ordered
at the bar, when it was
 supposed that everything was
included in the price. Eventually, to solve this
 problem we had to show the receipt where I put
 everything included/
I would like some from of
compensation for the
 inconvenience caused
/I look forward o hearing from you

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