Short redaction past simple past continuous and past perfect simple

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Past Simple (yo trabaje)

I worked-I did not work- Did I Work?

Pasado continuo (yo estaba trabajando)

I was working/You were working- I was not working -Was I working?

Presente perfecto (yo he trabajado)

I have worked/He has worked- I have not worked- Have I Worked?

Presente perfecto continuo (yo he estado trabajando)

I have been working/He has been working

Pasado perfecto(yo había trabajado)

I had worked- I had not worked- Had i worked?

Pasado perfecto continuo (yo había estado trabajando)

I had been workin- I had not been workin- Had I been Working?

Futuro continuo (yo estaré trabajando)

I will be working- Iwill not be working- Will i be working?

Futuro perfecto (yo habré estado trabajando)

I will have worked- Iwill not have worked- Will I have worked?

Futuro perfecto continuo ( yo habré estado trabajando)

I will have been working-I will not have been working

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