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1.mouth-watering/taste/savoury/salty/smell 2.take it easy/take your breath away/have a ball/have an eye/take it from 4.a/x/an/a/x/x/their/x/the/our 6. 1.The film which Angelina Jolie acts in, is released on Saturday//2.Samira, who I have trained, won the competition//3.Alfie, whose dad is an actor, is Annie's new boyfriend//4.MrJones, who teaches English at my school, is from Australia//5.Birmingham where Sam lives is the second biggest city in England//6.The man who I shouted at didn't come back again//8.I didn't really like a car that we bought//9.Last Friday was the birthday party which she was 18//10.This is the present which my parents gave to me 8. If I has known the time, I wouldn't have been late//If I worked, I would have got some money//If my bedroom had been very big, I wouldn't have choosen small bed//If these jeans fit me, I will buy them//If I were 18, I would drive 10.scent/ /gadget/link/fake

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