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1) for more accurate (preciso) photographs you need a dsrl 

2) these are profesional tools so they are more expensive (caro) 
3) A reflex Mirror lets (permitir) you see an accurate image before you shoot.  (4) Attachments With optical zooms are cheap (Barato)

2/ a)1)Si viajas mucho deberías comprarte un port                               -If you travel much, you should buy A laptop.

c)                 2)Siempre que tú me llames con dos horas de tiempo, No tendremos problemas.=

d)-It´s long as you call with 2 hours Before, we won’t have problems  

e)                   3)Si hubiesen reparado la pantalla a tiempo habríamos Terminado nuestro trabajo=

f)-If they had repaired the screen on Time , we would finished our work on time

g)      4)Si usas una cámara digital, tendrás que comprar una Impresora laser=

h)-If you use a digital camera, have To buy a laser printed

i)       5) El propósito de esta página web es animar a la Gente a sacar buenas fotos=

j)-The Purpose of this website is to cheer people to take Sharp pictures

k)      6)La imagen se corta, se pega, se imprime y se Mejora.=

l)-The Image is cropped, it is pasted, it is printed , it is improved

m)    7)Prueba una cámara con una velocidad de disparo Corte.=

n)-You check to the camera a short Shutter speed 


hi am frank designer wanted to tell you issue the invitation cards for your wedding some as the title I recommend enlarge it so that people will seem easier to understand and the date of the wedding would write in Roman numerals as will seem vintage and beautiful. Then the party begins the text font would put a winged also would place an image capitulate your text with ornaments And at the end of the invitation the direction of the church And last there I would like to put a logo of my company as advertising if you do not mind

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