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recruitment and conscription 

huge casualties from 1914 -15 necessitate massive increase in recruitment. Conscription introudced jan 1916

not very succesful at first ; 40k less per month than volunteer syst. Opposed also by irish public , tradde unions and liberal party 

conscription eventually included all men aged 18-41 . Nearly 800k claims for exemption 

naval war and battle of jutland 

B inteliigence had decoded german naval signals and learn that german fleet had left harbour in baltic 

RN mobilised and sent to intercept and destroy, led by admiraljohn jellicoe. Possesed nearly 2 as many battleships and battlecruisers 

battle of jutland, may 1916, lassts less than an hour. German lfeet sank more B ships that B did, but forced to withdraw back to port 

B lost 6 000 men and G 2 500 

tactical defeat for B but strategic victory. G fleet forced to stay in port for remainder of war. Resort to U boat warfare

eastern from 1916 

massive russian '' brusilov offensive'' in june destroys 1/3 of austria - hungary army . G intervene and russians again driven back 

brings russian army to brink of defeat; action required at somme and elsewhere by western allies 

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