Sikandria port

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Símbolos:  /g/: girl, gold, goat, glass, bag, clog, give, beginning, get, again, good, August, dog, Greek, guitar, England, guests. /k/: cold, coat, curl, class, back, clock, car, cuckoo, ticket, American, pocket, scarf, sky, school, cup of coffe. /t/: tin, top, tennis, fourteen, cafeteria, tell the time, telephone, photographer, tomato, restaurant, prett, trunk. /d/: door, darts, card, ride, drain, drunk. /p/: pen, pencil, pin, pear, Paris, pocket, newspaper, policeman, pot, spoon, airport, poppy, pup. /b/: bin, bear, cab, pub, Bobby, baby. /i/: green, sheep, bean, bead, bee, tea, pea, cat, seat, leeck, cheecks. /I/: it, sit, lick, chicks, chip, tin, pig, bill. /e/: pen, ben, desk, ten, peg, bell, cheques, men, said, beg, bread. /ae/: axe, man, sad, bag, Brad, cat, cap, hat, sack, ban, clarck. /^/: cup, hut, suck, bun, up, bug, much, sun. /a:/: carp, heart, cart, glass, barn, march, clerk, star, bar, grass, arch, cap, darn. /ɔ:/: dawn, ball, corn, cord, saw, caught, nought, bought, port, froks sports, four, tom, Paul, ward, ealker, all, jaw, broad. /әΩ/: coat, note boat, Joe, nose, go, bowl, phone, bone, woke, float, show. /3:/ worm, word, worker, bird,, colonel, burn, work, heard, Bert, fern, flirt, pearl, turn. /u/: two, pool, boot, Luke, fool. /Ʊ/: book, cook, good, look, books, pull, put, full, foot.  //:mouth, brow, bow, cow, now, ouch, grouse. /eI/: pain, day, tail, wait, paper, taste, say, shade. /ɔI/: Boy, boil, coin, joy, toy, oil. /ai/: five, bu, st, ine, like, kite, height. /ә/: again, america, teacher. //: here, near, tear, beer.  /eә/ chair, wear,hair, pear. /Ʊә/: poor, tour, tourist, put, wood. /ea/: Claire, where, Mary, carefull, there, square.

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