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Finn McCool The largest lake in Lough Neagh. According to legend, the giant Finn McCool was very angry one day.He Picked up a pice of earth and threw it into the Irish Sea, creating the Isle of Man, a small island between England and Ireland. This left a hole in the ground And it filled up with water and became Lough Neagh.

The Giant´s Causway According to one legend, a Scottish giant, Bennandonner, challenged the Irish giant, Finn McCool, to a Fight Finn accepted the challenge and built the causway all the way to Scotland So the two giants could meet and fight. Bennandonner crossed it Entuasiastically but, when he saw the ferocious Finn McCool, he became Adraid.He ran back to Scotland, destroying the causeway behind him, and the Finn McCool couldn´t follow him. The columns we see today are from that Magnificent causeway.

The Potato Famine In 1846 many Irish people emigrated to escape The struation and disease of the Potato Famine.The Potato Famine lasted six Years and it caused a lot of anti-British feeling among Irish people.The Irish Farm workers lived and worked in terrible conditions and made the English Landowners rich,but received very little help. The Irish and the England fought Until 1921, when the war ended, with a treaty dividing Ireland into two parts. Six countries in Nothern Ireland remined under British conrol because they Wanted this. The rest became the Irish Free State.

St.Patrick People in Ireland and in many places around the world Celebrate St.Patrick´s Day on 17- March. This is a national holiday in Ireland. There are many parades and people wear green clothes, sometimes with a shamrock On them. There is also an annual festival in Dublin with many activities for Five days. Dt Patriock brought Christianity to Ireland and built many churches. The ost famous legend says he expelled all the snakes from Ireland.The truth Is, there never were any snakes in Irelan.

Book of Kell The Book of Kells is a beautiful medieval manuscrit Containing the four Gospels of the New Testament.Celic monks created it around The year 800 AC, probably on the Isle of Iona The book has got 680 pages, made From animal skin.

The Troubles TheTroubles were the three decades of violent conflict between 1968 and 1998.Te situation in Northern Ireland was complicated, The Protestants there discriminated against the Catholic minority.In 1967,some Catholic groups in Northerm Ireland established the Northern Irelan Civil Rights Association and demaned an end to the discrimination the faced.Gaduall, these Catholic protest became more and more violent. Once the violence started,areas with mixed populations separated and became either Catholic or Protestant.It was dangerous to be friends with a person from ´the other side. Areas in the centre of towns became deserted  after dark. As time went  on, the two sides realised nobody could win the fight. Finally,the Good Friday Agreement of 1998 ended the conflict.Today,the situation in Northern Ireland is much better. There are no more soldiers standing on street corners.But there are still differences between Protestants and Catholics,and some tensions remain.There is still  lot to do, but the people of Northern Ireland hope for the best and keep working towards peace.

Irish Coffe Joe Sheridan, the head chef of a restaurant in Foynes Port, made cups fo coffe for a group of American passengers. Sheridan dded whiskey to the coffee and then he put cream on the top

Irish Whiskey The world ´whiskey´comes from a Gaelic phrase, meaning ´water of life´Irish whiskey has a distinctive taste.It was once the most popular alcoholic drink in the world.Since the 1990s ,Irish whiskey has started to beccome more popular agan and today, there are seven distilleries in Ireland 

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