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PASIVA Pr.Smp: A:The doctor examines the patient P: The patient is examinated by the doctorPr.Cnt: A:The doctor is examining the patient P:The patient is being examined by..  Past Smpl: A: The doctor examined the patient P:the patient was examined by the doctor Past cont: A: X was examining the Y P: The Y was being examined by X  Pr.Perf.Smpl  A: X has examined the Y P: Y has been examined by X Past Perf.Smpl: A:X had examined the Y P:The Y had been examined Future simple A: X will examine the Y P: The Y will be examined by X Modals: A: X should examine the Y P:The Y should be examined Modals perfect: A: X should have examined the Y P:The Y should have been examined by X Have to: A: X has to examine the Y P: The Y has to be exmined by X be going to: A:X is going to examine the Y P: Y is going to be examined by X CONDICIONAL 0Condicional If+Present simple, present simple (If I drink coffe, i dont sleep) 1Condicional If+Presente simple, will (If I study I will pass) 2Condicional If+past simple(ed/2ª), would+inf (If I drank coffe, I wouldnt sleep) 3Condicional If+ past perfect(2º/ed), would have+ pp(ed/3ª) (If I had drunk coffe, I wouldnt have slept) REPORTED SPEECH *D:Pr.Smp: "he is american"she said R:Past smp She said he was american *D: PrCon:he said "i´m making dinner" R:Past continous: he told me that he was making dinner *D:Past smp: "We went to the movies"he said R:Past Perfect Simple: he told me they had gone to the movies *D:Past continous: "I was working late" he said R: he said me he had been working *D:Pr.Per.Smpl: He said "I have eaten" R:Past perfect simple: he told me that he had eaten *D:Pr.Perf.Cont he said" I have been studying english" R:Past.Per,cont:he said he had been studying *D:Past perf.Smp he said"I had been to chicago" R:Past perfect smple(no cambia) He said he had been to chicago" *D:Past perf.Cont: she said "i had been dancing R:past perfe.Cont: Sh said she had been dancing *Will-R:Would *Can-R:could *Must-R:had to *Shall-R:Should *May-R:might *CAMBIOS: today(that day) tonight(that nigtht) this...(that...) tomorrow(the next day) yesterday(the day before) last...(the...Before) next...(the following...) now(then) here(there) MODALS Can(poder) Could(podia/podria) May/might(podriaprobabilidad/puede q) be able to(ser capaz de) must(deber de) have to(tener q) need to(necesitar) should/ought to(deberia)

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