Simple past grammar

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PRESENT SIMPLE:always,regularly,seldom.

PRESENT CONTI:at the momen,this year.
PAST SIMPLE:yesterday,last week,then.
PAST CONTI:last nigth,when,while,as.
PAST PERF SIMP:already,after,before.
PRES PERF SIMPLE:nerver yet,since,just
FUTURE SIMPLE:this evening,en the futu
BE GOING TO:this eve,later,next month.
FUTU PERFE SIMPLE:by this...In 4 months
FUT CONTI:at this time tomo, in the ...
MODAL:can,be able to,cant,could, may/
migth,may,should,nedd to,have to,must,
mustn¨t,dont have to,needn´t to,would.
MODAL PERFE;must have/may-migth have/
could have,would have, should to have
CONDI: 0= if-when pres+presen// 1=if-unles
prese +fut simple/modal base form//2=if-
unless past sim+would/could base form.
3=if +past perfe+would have/could have+
partici. PASIVA:  conduct-is conduted /
conducted-was conducted/will conduct-
will be conducted/are conducting-is beeing
conducted/were conducted-was being conducted
/have conducted-has been conducted/had 
conducted-has been conducted/should conduct-
should be conducted/could have conducted-
could have been conducted. ESTI INDIRECTO:
eat-ate/ate-had eaten/will eat-would eat/ are
eating-were eating/were eating-had been eating/
have eaten-had eaten/had eaten-had eaten/had 
been eaten_=.

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