Simple past grammar

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0 condi:If/when/unless+Present Simple à Present Simple o Verb modal -> situació sempre verdadera.1 condi:if/unless + Present Simple  à   Future Simple (Imperative/modal verb) ->Expressa Allò que passarà si es compleix la condició assenyalada. 2condi:If/unless Past Simple àwould/could/might + base form->Expressa condicions Hipotètiques referides al present o al futur.(poc Probable que passin) 3 condi: If + Past Perfect simple à Would have/could/might have + past participle ->La Condició és totalment impossible perquè fa referència al pasat i ja no es pot realitzar.

wish clauses: 1- wish/if only+ Past.Simple -> refers to a present situation that the speaker is unhappy about. 2- wish/ if only + Past. Perfect.S -> expresses regret about a past action3- wish/if only +could/would+base form-> expresses a desire for something to happen in the future

Passive voice: D.O+vb passive+by.. // I.O+vb passive+ D.O

present S->uses -> is used //Presen Con -> is using->is being used// Past.S->used ->was used //past C-> was using-> was being used//Presen.P.S-> has used -> has been used//Past.P.S-> had used->had been used//Future.S-> will use-> will be used// Modals-> should use-> should be used//Modal Perfect-> may have used -> may have been used// have to -> has to use-> has to be used// be going to -> is going to use -> is going to be used

 Modals: can// be able to// can't//could//may,might//may//should//need to// have to// must// musn't// don't have to// needn't//would. Modal Perfect: can have...

present S-> cooperates->cooperated// Presen Con-> is cooperating -> was cooperating//Past S-> cooperated-> had cooperated//Past C-> was cooperating-> had been cooperating//Present P.S-> has cooperated -> had cooperated//Present.P.C-> has been cooperating-> had been cooperating//Past.P.S-> had cooperated->had cooperated//Past.P.C->had been cooperating->had been cooperating//Future->will cooperate->would cooperate
Defining: who, that(people)// which,that(objects)//when,that(time)//where(places)//whose(possession)Non-defining: that can't replace who or which 
Formal: in which-> Informal: (which)

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