Simple past grammar

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 present simple

 many people watch tv

 tv is watched by Many people

present continuous

 TV producers are Creating new realitiy shows

 nex reality shows are Being created by TV producers.

past Simple

 Juan switched onthe tv.

 the TV was switchedon By Juan.

past continuous

 TV channels were Showing too much sport

 Too much sport was Being shown on TV channels.

present perfect simple

 The creators of the simpsons have written a new series

 a new series has been Written by the creators of the simpsons.

past perfect simple

 Belen had borrowed my Favourite dvd

 My favourite dvd had Been borrowed by Belen.


 channel Ten will film a new soapopera next year

 next year, a new soap opera will be filmedby Channel Ten

modal verbs

 TV companiesshould banadvertisements.

 advertisements should Be banned by TV companies.

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