Simple past grammar

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3rd Conditional: If + had + verb past participle + , + Person (He, I, etc) +  would + have + verb past participle.

Mixed Conditional: 2nd Cond. ( If + Past simple + , + Person (He, I, etc) + would + verb infinitive) + 3rd Cond. #Would nunca va con If#.
Direct and Indirect objects. TO ( forward, bring, lend, teach, tell, write, sing, offer, owe, show, give). FOR (buy, make, cook, save, do, download, find, sing, order). Example: I've given my best friend a present - I've given a present to my best friend.
Modals speculation / deduction:  SURE.- Must// SURE NOT TRUE.- Can't // THINK.- Could, May, Might// Present (person + modal + verb infinitive)    Past  ( person + modal + have + past participle).
Vocabulary Technology: Up grade ( actualizar). Spreadsheet ( hoja de cálculo). Screenshot (captura de pantalla). Filename (nombre de usuario). Breakthrough (penetración). Backup (respaldo).
Idioms for Science and technology: Run out of steam (lose energy or ineterest in sth), Pull the plug on sth (stop sth from continuing), Not exactly rocket science (not difficult to do or understand), Get your wires cross (Be mistaken about what someone else means), Have a short fuse (become easily angry or upset9, A light-bulb moment (suddenly have a good idea).

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