Simple past grammar

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future passive: will be sold 

tuture passive: are going to be painted 

Tense changes

Direct speech

Reported speech

Present simple

ØPast continuos

I wanr To+ resto

He Said that he wanted

Present Continuos

Øpast continuos

We are Improving+ resto

He Said that they were improving

Past simple

Øpast  perfect

It took Me+ resto

He said  it Had taken him

Present Perfect

Øpast perfect

I have Been+ resto

He said he had been



I will Need+ resto

He said  he Would need

Is/are Going to

Øwas/ were goin to

We are going to develop+resto

He said that they were going to develop



Do you think you can make+ resto?

He said that he thought could make

Have  to

Øhad to

Principio+ have to contact+ resto

Had to contact

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