Simple past grammar

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admit, advise, avoid, can´t help, can´t imagine, can´t stand, complete, consider, discuss, dislike, don´t mind, enjoy, finis, give up, imagine, keep, mention, mind, miss, practise, recommend, report, resit, risk, suggest

afford, agree, appear, arrange, ask, atempt, beg, choose, dare, decide, demand, deserve, expect, fail, hesitate, hope, intend, learn, manage, mean, need, offer, prepare, pretend, promise, refuse, seem, threaten, wait, want, wish, would like.


1 CONDITIONAL -- if + present simple, will + infinitive
2 CONDITIONAL -- If + past simple, would + infinitive
3 CONDITIONAL -- if + past perfect, would have + past participle


is/are taking --- is being taking
has/have taken --- has been taken
took --- was taken
had taken --- had been taken
will take --- will be taken
is/are going to take --- is/are going to be taken
can/must/should taken --- can/must/should be taken

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