Simple past grammar

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Past continuous, i was working, they were playing, they werent playing, questions What was you watching. Past simple: acaban en -ed. Present perfect: I've/you've create a webpage, he's/she's visited a chat room, negative I/you haven't created a webpage, he/she hasn't visited a chat room. Present perfect+just: A manager has just contacted you, your new song has just gone to number one. Present perfect+still,yet and already. Craig has already auditioned for two other shows, have the auditions finished yet?, he hasn't had a big break yet, he still hasn't had his turn. For and since: i've been at this school since last september, i've been at this school for a year. El primero nos indica el punto cuando la accion a empezado y el segundo nos dice la duracion. Will y might will es hacer algo seguro y definitivo como She's agreed. She'll suppot us y might es como no estar seguro osea maybe como I might volunteer if i've got time.This might not work. I'm not sure. Might es podria. First conditional: We form the first conditional with if+present simple. And will or wont+infinitive. If you have kids one day you'll understand

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