Simple past grammar

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Today= that day

Yesterday= the day before
Tomorrow= the following day
Tonight= that night
Next week/month= the following..
Last week= the previous..
A week= The week

Present simple= I study english 
past simple= I studied
Present continious:= I am studing
Pat continious= i was studyng
Future= I will study  
              I Will studyng
Future past= I would study
                     I would be studyng
Imperative= Study englis!
(not) to+base form= to study
Yes/No questions= do you study?
If/wether+word order sentence= If she study
Wh questions= when do you study?
Question word+word= when I studied
Modals and semi modals= can,could,may,mighthave to,had to

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