Simple past grammar

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MODALEs:can, could(podria), be able to(ser capaz de), should, ought to(consejo), must(debe)(obligacion o recomen), have to(obliga), neednt, may(expresa si puedes pedir permiso), might(podria).REPORT:present simple(make)-past simple(made9, present continous(is taking)-past continuous(was taking), past simple(helped)-past perfect simple(had helped), present perfect simple(have always loved)-past perfect simple(had always loved), past perfect simple, future simple(wil)-future(would-haria), can-could, must-had to. PASIVA:present simple(am,is,are), past simple(was,were), future simple(will be), present conti(am/is/are being), present perfect simple(has/have been)-todo con 3 colum.

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