Simple past grammar

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Present simple-i walk-camino

Present continuous-i am walking-estoy caminando

 Present perfect Simple-i have walked-he caminado

Present perfect contunuous-i have been walking-he estado Caminando

Past simple-i walked-camine

Past continuous-i was walking-estaba caminando

Past perfect simple-i had walked-habia caminado

Past perfect continuous-i had been walking-habia estado Caminando

Future continuous-i will be walking-estare caminando

Future perfect simple-i will have walked- habre caminado


a) verb+(object/sb)+that+paso atrás.  Tell sb, promise(sb),say, suggested, Announce,admit,deny

b) verb+(object)+to+infinitive.  Offer,agree,promise, tell sb,ask sb, order sb, Warm sb,remind sb

c) verb+(object)+preposition+verb con ing.  Apologize for, accuse sb of, congratulate s Bon

d) verb+ ing.  Suggested, Admit

now-then/today-that day/this-that/last(x)-the(x) before/tomorrow-the Next day/this-that/these-those/here-there/.


Which-que/when-cuando/whose-cuyo/where-donde/who-quien/whom-de Quien/that-que/what-las cosas q. (that para personas y which para cosas)


0)present-present--- if i drink cofee, i dont sleep

1)present-future(will)---if i drink cofee, i will not sleep

2)past simple-would/coul + infinitive sin to---if i had a Lot of money, i would buy a car

3)past perfrct-would have + 3col---if i had studied, i would Have passed


Se pone to be en el tiempo del verbo de la frase y el propio De la frase, en 3 col.  Dior designed This coat-àthis Coat was designed by dior.


Past perfect=arrepentimientos/could=deseos/would=descontento


Must/have to-obligacion o recomendación//Mustn`t- prohibición//Dont have to/needent- falta de necesidad//May/might- tal vez, puede//Should/shal/ought to-deber, recomendación//Can/could/be able to-posibilidad

MODALES PERFECTOS (modal+have+3col)

Must have(debe haber…)conclusión. The lights are of. They must Have gone out

May/might have(puede/podía haber…)i think it may have worked

Can´t haver(no puede haber…)seguridad. They had a lot of Work. The cant have finished

Should/ought to have(debería haber…) i told u, you should Have to studied more.

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