Simple past grammar

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reporting verbs SAY,TELL,ASK

AFIRMACIONES: acuse, admit, advise, agree, apologise, complain, deny, explain, offer,refuse
PREGUNTAS: enquire, request, want to know, wonder
ÓRDENES: demand, order, warn,shout
SUGERENCIA: recommend,invited 
present simple play---past simple played
present continius is playing---past continiuous  was playing
pas simple played-----past perfect-- had+past participle
past continuos was playing----past perfect continuoua had been playing
present perfect  has+participle----past perfect  had+participle
present perfect continuous have been+ing ----past perfect continupus had been+ing
past perfect had+participle-----past perfect
can-- could
must/have to---must
now---then        today---that day    tonight--that night  yesterday--the previous day    tomorrow--the following/next day    thi/these---that/those  here---there

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