Simple past of verb:finish

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REPORT VRBS: verb+to+inf:agree,offer,promise,refuse,threaten/ verb+someone+to+inf: advice, ask, convince, encourage, invite, persuade, remind, tell, urge,warn/ verb+ing: advise,admit, deny, mention, propose, recommend, suggest/ verb+prepos+ing: apologise4, complain about, insist on object to/ v+someone+prepos+ing: acuse of, blame for, compliment on, congratulate on, criticise for, forgive4, thank4, warn about/ verb+someone+ that: advise, persuade,tell, warm/ V+that: admit, agree, explain, deny, know, realise, say, think, warn.

RE ID in PR: it IS said./ PRES REP-pres event: (..That pople ARE)/ pre. Re.-pa eve: (that they lived/ pre. Re.-fut. Ev. (that reports will leave)/ RE. ID in PA: is  WAS reported/ rep. Event. Same time in past: (that the break-in happened)/ rep. Past- event hapen bef the rep:( that the breakin had happened)/ past rep of fut event: (that the survivors would go)   

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