Simple past of verb:finish

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Present Simple

I don’t enjoy this job.

Past simple

She said that she didn’t enjoy that job.

Present continuous

I’m going home.

Past Continuous

He said he was Going home.

Past simple

Sue didn’t offer me a drink.

Past perfect

She said that Sue hadn’t offered her a drink.

Present Perfect

He’s just left the building.

Past perfect

She told me that he had just left the Building

Future simple

I will always love you.


You promised me that you would always love me.


I can’t open this Tin.


She said that she couldn’t open that tin.


I may call you Later.


He mentioned that he might call me later.

Have to/must

I have to Finish this essay.

Had to

He said that he had To finish that essay

Now: then

This: that

Today: that day

These: those

Tomorrow: the following/next day

Here: there

Yesterday: the day before/the previous day

There: over there

Next week: the following week

Last week: the previous week

Two days ago: two days before

In two days’ Time: two days after/later

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