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Present simple = am/are/is + used (+by)
Present continuous = am/are/is + being used (+by)
Past simple = was/were + used (+by)
Past continuous = was/were + being used (+by)
Present perfect simple = have/has + been used (+by)
Past perfect simple = had + been used (+by)
Future = will + be used (+by)
Infinitive = to be used (+by)
Present modals = modal + be used (+by)
Past modals = modal + have been used (+by
·Defining:                                ·Non defining:
Peopole WHO/THAT                 Peopole WHO
Things WHICH/THAT                Things WHICH
Places WHERE                           Places WHERE
Time WHEN                              Time WHEN
Possession WHOSE                   Possession WHOSE
Reason WHY                             Reason WHY
·verb + ing:
Like, love, enjoy, dislike, hate, don't mind, can't stand, can't bear, admit,
appreciate, avoid, advise, consider, deny, understand, finish, fancy, keep,
mention,, mind, imagine, involve, miss, postpone, suggest, resist & risk.
want, hope, aim, intend, arrange, attempt, promise, plan, decide, demand,
deserve, determine, expect, offer, threaten, swear, volunteer, would like,
would hate, afford, agree, help, choose, fail, happen, refuse & manage.
let, watch, see, hear & make.
Present simple = Past simple
Present continuous = Past continuous
Present perfect = Past perfect
Past simple = Past perfect
Will = Would
Can = Could
May = Might
Must = Had to
Have to = Had to

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