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Reported Speech

pre simple(she plays)-Pas simp (She played)

Present conti(she is playing)->past cont(was)

preterit perfec(has played)->Pret pluscuan (had played)

pr p con(has been playing)>pr pl con(had been playing)

Past simpl(Played)->Preterit plus(had played)

Pas con(Was playing)->Pre plus cont (had been playing)

Preterit pluscuan(Had played)

Futuro ->Will-would

Condicional would igual

Can ->could

expresiones ....

Here>there//now>them//today>that day

This morning>That morning//Tonight>that night

Two night ago>before//tomorrow>the next day

Yesterday>the day before/Next week>the following week


ask/know/not knew/Want to know whether    

wonther whether




Ask somebody (not)to do something


If pres simp(She plays )->Imperativo /can must may/

                futur simp(will )

if past simp(Played)->Cond simple(

                             would/could/might+ ing )

if past perfect(had +3 colum)->cond perf

                                       (would + have +ed o 3 colum)

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