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  1. Knowledge value chain business (definición y fases)
  2. Knowledge managment refer to the set of business processes developed in an organizations to créate. Store, transfer and apply knowledge.

Knoledge management increase the ability of the organization to learn from its environment and to incorpórate knowledge into its business processes.


  • Knowledge aaquisition: the organization acquire knowledge in a number of ways, depending of the type of lnowledge they seek. The first knowledge managment systems sought to build corporate repositories of documents, reports, presentations and best practices.
  • Knowledges storage: the knowledges storage generally involves the creation of a database document managment systems that digitize, index and tag documents according to a coherent framework, are large databases adept at storing collections of documents.
  • Knowledge dissemination: portal, email, instant messaging, wikis, social bussines tools and seach engines technology have added to an exixting array of celebration tools for sharing calendars, documents, data and gfraphics.

Knowledge applications: currently all the Enterprise including an application for maneging key internal business process and relationship wit customers and suppliers

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