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The hard life of my cousin.-----My cousin's life was hard because he did not have parents to support him to continue studying and be able to fulfill his goals. He was born in one of the slums in the Rímac, his parents lost their jobs and lived in misery for several years, that was sordid. For that reason, poverty and lack of perspective stimulated the lack of any pretense to succeed in his life. Despite the lack of support in his life, he set a goal, he decided to study and work, his favorite sport was to exercise and was interested in doing exercises. He continued working and studying and was able to fulfill his objectives. He started working with his defects that afternoon and mentioned staying up late, despite the feeling of abandonment. His work involved in working with himself. For that reason, he was interested in taking English classes, he was very attentive and very disciplined.----In conclusion despite all the diversities he was able to fulfill his goals of being a great professional.

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